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Helping you innovate while being fair

meeting table with 6 people sitting. One is in a wheelchair on the right, talking to each other

DEI Advisory & Consulting

Innovate while being fair!

Create a culture of belonging by challenging perceptions, hiring in an inclusive way and applying inclusive approaches.

  • Clarifying the gaps - DEI Qualitative Audit

  • Defining a DEI plan which is adapted to your organisation in the long term and has a sustainable focus.

  • Transitioning from an integration culture towards an inclusive culture.

*integration culture generates exclusion​

DEI Trainings & Workshops

Get trained with a lifelong learning mindset:

  • Understand and develop Inclusive Leadership traits of character

  • Inclusive Recruitment: How to avoid unconscious bias in hiring.

  • Deconstruct Unconscious Bias: with a focus on Multiculturality & Intersectionality

  • Empowering future leaders: the role of the intersection of women and underrepresented groups in management positions, how to build empowerment, the importance of mentorship, allyship and how to unlock leadership skills.

  • Unlock self-confidence for underrepresented groups

8 people from different backgrounds standing with their backs towards us holding each other backs
illustration of people angle from upside view mixed in colours: green, lemon green, blue, red, orang

Inclusive Recruitment

Be ready to challenge your perceptions about hiring and learn better ways to take unbiased decisions. Diverse list of candidates requires an inclusive culture and high level of talents retention.

  • create work-sample structured interviews method

  • open dialogue and education on bias behind hiring decisions

  • for companies willing to invest in new AI solutions, I partner with BeApplied.

Speaker for Conferences & Seminars

If you want to “walk the talk” in terms of DEI you need to bring expert and diverse speakers to challenge the conversation during your events.

Bring critical thinking and challenge your panel and audience perceptions:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Debates, round tables

  • Inspirational Talks

  • Educational Talks

  • Interactive Talks

portrait of myself performing during a talk wearing a orange shirt and I have a microphone in my ear
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