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Daniela Felletti
Talents Connection

Helping you make

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion a priority

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"you can not solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. you must stand in a higher ground.”

- Albert einstein

Daniela Felletti - Talents Connection is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practitioner, Speaker and Educator. DEI Audit - Unconscious Bias and Intersectionality  - Inclusive Leadership training and advisory - Executive Level

A picture of my performance in Monaco for Woman in Motorsport Seminar standing in front of audience

Empowering Future Leaders seminar - Monaco 2021

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How can I help you:

DEI Advisory & Consulting

Innovate while being fair.

DEI Qualitative Audit - Advisory

Trainings & Workshops

Educate with a long term and sustainable approach.

Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Intersectionality

Inclusive Recruitment

Diversify and break bias barriers in your recruitment process.

Audit, Advisory, Training, Coaching

DEI Speaker

Bring a multicultural and intersectional perception to your events!

Challenging Perceptions

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