FIA workshop newsletter, link incorporated

JULY 2021

MARCH 2021

Instagram live with Nirina Ralantoaritsimba et moi, link incorporated (in French)
Youtube image for the live about International women's day 2021, link incorporated
live for Rights On title Are you biased about Brazilian women (Brazil flag)? link incorporated


flyer interview podcast Next Pivot Point about reducing bias in Diversifying your Team, link added
flyer interview en French about my story with Lean, link incorporated


flyer of youtube live for RaizeUp Italy community as a role model to talk about Unconscious Bias

Talk - RaizeUp Italy - with Silvia Cantarella

flyer interview podcast Real Stories, shared my story as women of colour and my work in D&I
image with link to the article as inspiration for the CollabMaker platform
Article - CollabMaker Resource Hub
Image with the link to the 1st part interview for collabmaker, talk about purpose

Interview part 1 with CollabMaker 

Image with link to the 2nd part of interview for collabmaker about culture of belonging

Interview part 2 with CollabMaker 

image with link to the 3rd part video collabmaker about unconscious bias

Interview part 3 with CollabMaker 

image with link to the 4th part interview with collabmaker closing

Interview part 4 with CollabMaker 


image with link portrait of 5 women including me for live about Lift as you climb.


image with link to the interview for educNation about inclusive leadership (in French)

Interview avec educNation  

Toronto (CA)

image with link to the interview for educNation about Lean In, équité et inclusion (in French)

Interview avec educNation  

Toronto (CA)


image with link to the article as amongst the 125 people to follow in D&I according to DiverseIn
flyer with link for the live SPEAKING THE TRUTH TO POWER 4 women including me
image with link to the linkedin live to give an introduction of speaking the truth to power talk
flyer with link to the 301words article, my story as working woman 2020


image with link to the live about The Amplifying DEI Summit 2020

JULY 2020

image with link, 6 women to talk about Impostor syndrome

MARCH 2019

pictures of my intervention as guest speaker for the Be A Boss 2019 event in Bordeaux


image with link to A Gazeta ES Carreiras an article in Portuguese about career abroad

Newspaper Gazeta ES - Brazil

image of the cover magazine of INitialives Bordeaux and last page featuring my network for women
Page from INiatives Bordeaux featuring me mentioning my women network in Bordeaux

Magazine INitiatives Bordeaux