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Interactive MasterClass 100% online on Zoom.
Your employees can connect from wherever they like with their computer for a richer experience in a quiet and comfortable environment!

About this event:

This MasterClass - short version - is the kick start to help you develop and apply the main traits of character as an inclusive leader!

You will learn about the main concepts of Diversity and Inclusion, create an environment of trust and sense of belonging.

We will focus on:

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  • Unconscious bias - practical exercises to help you recognise your bias and take actions to eradicate them daily.

  • Cognitive empathy understanding through activities (individual, in pairs and in group)

  • Constructive feedback & Critical Thinking

  • Trust & Sense of Belonging

At the end of this MasterClass, you will:

  • Be ready to start practicing and developing the main traits of character you need to become an inclusive leader.

  • Have better understanding of the advantages of creating a culture of belonging.

  • Learn how to have more genuine and open conversations with your employees.


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Masterclass online & live on Zoom !

This is a super interactive training, willingness to active participation is required!​

Language: English

Duration: 2 heures

Limited to 12 participants.

All connection information will be sent to you the day before the masterclass.

* By purchasing this MasterClass you will contribute to La Maison Rose Bordeaux 

(a safe place for women affected by cancer.) - I will donate 5% of the total cost.


For any questions about this training, please, reach out by email:

The Inclusive Leadership Trainer:

Daniela Felletti is a multilingual professional specialised in Diversity and Inclusion Advisory for Executive Level, a Lecturer & Speaker in Equality Approach and Inclusive Leadership in Companies and Business School. She is also an international community builder and changemaker.

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