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Learn how to be inclusive by creating a culture of belonging


This program will help you develop and apply your skills as an inclusive leader.


  • You will learn more about working with equality and diversity to include all types of people to confidently engage with you as a leader through curiosity, awareness of unconscious biases and the practice of constructive feedback.

  • You will understand the power of inclusive leadership and the importance of developing empathetic and humble behaviour.​

  • Have authentic and honest conversations with your employees.

When employees feel they can be their authentic self, they find more meaning in their work, the level of workplace satisfaction increases and they are more likely to stay longer.

This program requires an accompaniment of 3 months and you can expect the following steps:

a) Understanding Inclusive Leadership
b) Identifying your goals / challenges as a leader.
c) Inclusive leadership assessment and developing inclusive traits of character

d) Action Plan - continuous learning

e) Practice & Follow up

*This service requires an active collaboration between client and consultant that will guide you in your path to define the strategy that will help us to identify the best ways to achieve your goals and to have clear the road you are going to take.

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