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On the top it says Drawing Inclusive Leadership - Explore your perception of the inclusive Leadership traits of character with creativity, curiosity and empathy with Daniela Felletti - Talents Connection (logo) - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practitioner - from the left a red pen is connected to a red line that will curve in the bottom through a group of diverse people background together holding hands and connectin to a heart colored with the LGBTQAI+ community flag colors


Challenging Perceptions through Creativity


During this workshop, I will introduce the participants to the principles of Inclusive Leadership and the 6 traits of character a leader have to develop to create a culture of belonging and foster innovation : Commitment, Courage, Cognizance of Bias, Curiosity, Cultural Intelligence and Collaboration (inspired and based on Deloitte & Catalyst researches).

This interactive session will include a drawing exercise to explore the participants perception of these traits in a Leader in addition to the opportunity to learn and use their active listening skills during a dialogue in pairs and/or groups of 3.



✔️ We will start by a sensorial IceBreak to help them connect that includes: listening to a short instrumental extract of music + breakout rooms in pairs or groups of three for an active listening exercise.

✔️ Then I will do an introduction to the Inclusive Leadership principles and the 6 traits of character and on how it is important to create a culture of belonging and foster innovation

✔️ Next, I will invite you to a drawing exercise

✔️We will complete with an active listening activity in breakout rooms

✔️ Sharing the key takeaways from the audience & closing remarks

✔️ What is next - action plan + guidance & handout for continuous learning

This program will help your leaders learn how to develop and apply their skills as an inclusive leader.


  • You will learn more about working with equality and diversity to include all types of people to confidently engage with you as a leader through curiosity, awareness of unconscious biases and the practice of constructive feedback.

  • You will understand the power of inclusive leadership and the importance of developing empathetic and humble behaviour.​

  • Have authentic and honest conversations with your employees.

When employees feel they can be their authentic self, they find more meaning in their work, the level of workplace satisfaction increases and they are more likely to stay longer.

Change the narrative: do not treat others how you would like to be treated - instead treat others as they would like to be treated

This workshop can be adapted to shorter timeline for events as a demonstration or initiation to inclusive leadership or  longer timelines to dive in deeper in participants perceptions by:

a) Understanding the true essence of Inclusive Leadership
b) Identifying their goals / challenges as a leader.
c) Inclusive leadership assessment and developing inclusive traits of character

d) Action Plan - sustainable & continuous learning

e) Practice & Follow up

*This service requires a tailor made quotation according with the client's needs

Feedback from participants

3 clients testimonials - Rita said "I enjoyed how you brought in the senses and body in the experience. The music for the first exercise was very powerful. It not only helped me see another's point of view but also offered me a new way to be. Jenai said "I loved your workshop! Very well done. I've learned so much from you, from the workshop but also your posts on LinkedIn. I immediately knew I wanted you in my orbit." and Flora said Absolutely brilliant workshop, thank you so much! Insightful, engaging, inspiring. I loved every moment of it. Cannot wait to share key insights with colleagues, friends and family. Thank you for all the work that went into preparing it!
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