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Daniela Felletti - Talents Connection offers an innovative and service-oriented people's approach.


Versus Traditional headhunters, who find candidates for companies, we help you find the right company for you. We do not wait for companies to come to us, we contact them, so that when a position opens up we are ready to offer them the perfect candidate, You.

We offer Career Advisory programs that support you in creating the career path you want. Whether you are ready for a move now or are looking ahead and considering what may be your next steps, we can help you to ensure that in this increasingly dynamic and fast paced world your cv will reach the right people at the right time.

We will work for you, to create the right contacts, open new channels in your industry or in the industries you are interested in, find creative solutions to help you achieve the right career move.

How it works
We start with a meeting  to discuss your needs, aspirations and the best strategies to get you the position you want.

(Meeting can be held in person or on Skype, we can work together wherever you are in the World)

Using our extensive network and different communication channels to create new connections to find you the opportunities you are looking for.

Throughout the process we communicate with you, letting you know where we are in the search, inform you of any new leads etc. We will also provide you with a formal bi-weekly summary.

Career Advisory Program for Top Executives

*Program designed for Top Executives with International profile that:

  • is currently employed and don't have time to dedicate to their own job searches,

  • do not know how to start,

  • or just want to accelerate their chances by increasing their visibility through our contacts building/mediation.

3 months dedicated to you that includes:

  • Rebrand your CV + LinkedIn 

  • Job Mapping and Contacts building with HeadHunters  and Hiring Managers with a mediation to increase trust and interest to your profile.

*this service includes behavioural analysis.

**we will dedicate 20h per month on research, contacts building and mediation and a follow up of at least 2 months will be made.

***Be aware that there is a strict selection and we will expect you to bring us the most of your potentials, results and references in order to accept you as a client and ideal candidate to promote and keep the trust from our contacts***

 + info & costs, please, contact me here.

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